Quitting is legit.

It’ll be fun, they said.
It’s safer than cigarettes, they said.
It’s just for the flavors, they said.
It won’t affect you, they said.
You won’t get caught, they said.

So you tried vaping. But now you’re wise to the lies. You want to quit.

You can quit. There’s help available.

Talk to someone

If you’re addicted to nicotine, quitting might not be as easy as throwing out your vape pen. But there are trained professionals who can talk you through what you’re feeling, the steps to quitting and how to cope. Text, call or go online to access these resources:

Access text, phone and online programs to help teens quit vaping or tobacco use. Call 855.891.9989 or text “Start my quit” to the same number.

Consider text support for teens who want to quit vaping from this renowned anti-tobacco campaign. Text DITCHJUUL to 88709 to get started.

Connect teens, tweens and adults with a personal quitting coach. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or enroll online. It also offers tips to help support a loved one in quitting.

Know what to expect

Quitting vaping is good for your long-term physical and mental health. But when you first give up nicotine, there might be difficult symptoms to overcome. Be prepared to deal with cravings, triggers and stress you may encounter as part of your body’s withdrawal.

SmokeFree.gov explains some of the issues that might arise when you decide to quit. Knowing what you could face is half the battle. Knowledge is power.

Build a plan to quit

Take control with 6 steps for a personalized plan

How to quit vaping

Commit to your quit, and build an unwavering support team

Your first day without vaping

5 steps to take on the day you quit

Deal with vape cravings

Discover what to do when the urge to vape strikes

Understand your triggers

Addiction & nicotine withdrawal

Understand and manage common withdrawal symptoms

Anxiety, stress & vaping

Self-management tips to try instead of reaching for your vape

Depression & vaping

Incorporate these activities to help overcome sadness or depression

If at any time you have suicidal thoughts, call the Johnson County Emergency Line at 913.268.0156 or visit ZeroReasonsWhy.org. You matter.

Pledge your support to vaporize the trend.

Maybe you’ve tried vaping. Maybe not. Either way, you know that this is one trend you’ll celebrate seeing come to an official end. So teens and pre-teens, parents, teachers, cool aunts, adoring grandparents and favorite neighbors, here’s your chance to make your voice heard. (State and federal legislators, we’re talking to you, too!)